Vertical Sliding menu in Sketchware

To create a sliding menu in Sketchware, with links to different websites, follow the steps below.

1. In View area insert two linear(H). Insert a spinner in first linear(H), and a webview in second linear(H). Set padding of both linear(H) to 0, and set layout_height of second linear(H) to match parent.

2. In view manager, change theme to NoActionBar.

3. In image manager​, select an icon to be used as menu button.

4. Set background color of the first linear(H) to green/blue, or any color of your choice.

5. Change layout_width and layout_height of spinner to 40dp each. Also set background_resource of spinner to the Image icon selected in image manager.

6. Move to logic area and create a new string list. Add items to this list and then setSpinnerdata to the list.

7. Add event spinner onitemselected.

8. In spinner on item selected, use webview loadUrl block to load the item selected in spinner,

9. Save and run your app. It will display the menu icon in status bar, and load Url of item selected.

Here is a video of an app with vertical sliding menu:


  1. nice bro

    please quiz kese banate he uska project rakho

  2. How ti create menú bar for all activities?

  3. How ti create menú bar for all activities?

  4. Not open website. It's fail project

  5. Please! how do i connect 2 spinners and a button in a way that if you select an option from the first spinner it defines the contents of the second spinner, and when you click the button it opens another Activity.
    for example:
    A spinner of COUNTRIES and A spinner of STATES with a button "View images(which are in a new Activity)"

    1. Make different lists of States for different countries. Set spinner data to the list of States depending on the selection in spinner depicting countries.

      Suppose spinner1 is list of countries, and spinner2 is list of states.
      In onCreate create different list of states for different countries. For example list1 is a list of states in China, list2 is list of states in India.
      Now set data of spinner2 to list of states in first country in spinner1.

      In event spinner1 onItemSelected, set spinner2 data according to the country selected. Like,
      If position == 0,
      spinner2 set data list0.
      If position == 1,
      spinner2 set data list1.
      If position == 2,
      spinner2 set data list2.

  6. How can I add pictures to the view?


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