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TextInputLayout in Sketchware

To create an EditText with animation features, we can use the EditText in a TextInputLayout which is a Layout interface in library. In Sketchware we cannot add it in xml file but we can create it programmatically. Follow the instructions given below for a simple example. 1. In VIEW area of your project add a Linear vertical  linear7  and inside this add three EditText fields  edit_email, edit_username, and edit_password . For the three EditText fields set hint as Email, Username and Password respectively. 2. Switch On AppCompat and design . 3. In onCreate event, i. Use codes to remove all Views from linear7 . linear7.removeAllViews(); ii. Define a TextInputLayout textinput1 , and add edit_email to it. textinput1 = new; textinput1.addView(edit_email); iii. Define a TextInputLayout textinput2 , and add edit_username

Retrieve Device Build Information in Sketchware

To retrieve Build information about the device we can use the android.os.Build class. 1. Create a new project in Sketchware. 2. In VIEW area add a TextView for each parameter to be retrieved. We can retrieve Device, Model, Product, Manufacturer, Brand, API level, Board, Bootloader, Display, Fingerprint, Hardware, Host, and Id. 3. Add following String variables: device, model, product, manufacturer, brand, api_level, board, boot, display, fingerprint, hardware, host, and id. 4. In onCreate event use add source directly block and put following code. device = android.os.Build.DEVICE; model = android.os.Build.MODEL; product = android.os.Build.PRODUCT; manufacturer = android.os.Build.MANUFACTURER; brand = android.os.Build.BRAND; api_level = android.os.Build.VERSION.SDK; board = android.os.Build.BOARD; boot = android.os.Build.BOOTLOADER; display = android.os.Build.DISPLAY; fingerprint = android.os.Build.FINGERPRINT; hardware = android.os.Build.HARDWARE; host = a

Create Music Player app in Sketchware

To create a Music Player app in sketchware, follow the steps given below. 1. Create a new project in Sketchware. 2. In VIEW area on main.xml, add a ListView listview1  with height wrap_content, and weight 1. Add a SeekBar seekbar1 , an ImageView imageview1 , and three TextViews textview1 , textview2 , and textview3 , as shown in the image below. 3. Create a CustomView mycustom.xml and add a TextView textview1 , and an ImageView imageview1 in it. For listview1 select mycustom.xml as it's customView. 4. Add a MediaPlayer component mp , a Shared Preferences component sp:sp and a Timer component timer . 5. Create six More Blocks MPcreate(pos), MPstart , and MPpause for the MediaPlayer and searchFolders , getFileList in [filePath] and extra . 6. Add three number variables n, r and songPosition , and five String variables  currentfile , songMinutes , songSeconds , folder , folderName . Also add a List String  folderList,  List String fileList  and a Li