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Create a full screen dialog with CropImageView

To create a fullscreen dialog with CropImageView in Sketchware, follow the steps given below. 1. Add an ImageView imageview1 for displaying image. 2. Add a FilePicker component fp: image/* for picking images. 3. In imageview1 onClick event use block FilePicker fp pick files . 4. Download from this url: 5. Extract at .sketchware/mysc/(Project number)/app/src/main/java/(package name)/ 6. Open and change package name ( package; ) to your project's package name. 7. Create a more block extra . Here declare a CropImageView crp , a Bitmap image and define rotateBitmap(Bitmap) . } CropUtils.CropImageView crp; Bitmap image; public Bitmap rotateBitmap(Bitmap bitmap){ matrix = new; matrix.postScale((float)1, (float)1); matrix.postRotate(90); Bitmap bitmap2 = Bitmap.createBitmap(bitmap, 0, 0, bitmap.getWidt

Image Slider using ViewPager in Sketchware

 To add a front screen with sliding images using ViewPager in Sketchware, follow the instructions given below. 1. Create a new project in Sketchware. 2. Switch on AppCompat and design. 3. In main.xml add a  linear1 and linear2. Set padding of both these linears to 0. Set gravity of linear2 to center_horizontal. We will add ViewPager to linear1, and TabLayout to linear2. 4. Add four images: store, home, gift, and fast_food. 5. Create a CustomView custom2.xml . In this View, add an ImageView with scale type fit_center. 6. Create a more block extra . Add following codes in it. } androidx.viewpager.widget.ViewPager viewPager1; int[] image_list = {, R.drawable.home,, R.drawable.fast_food }; private class MyPagerAdapter extends androidx.viewpager.widget.PagerAdapter { public int getCount() { return image_list.length; } public Object instantiateItem(ViewGroup collection, int position) { View view = getLayoutInflater().inflate(R.layout.custom2, null); ((androi