How to create a custom ListView in Sketchware?

The recently added Custom View in Sketchware can be used to create custom ListView. The steps you need to follow in order to create a custom ListView are given below.

1. In VIEW area of your sketchware project, add a ListView.

2. Add a new CustomView.

3. Now in properties of ListView, select the new view you added as customView.

4. Now in the VIEW area of CustomView, add a Linear (H) and a TextView.

5. In LOGIC area of your app, add a new list Map.

6. In onCreate event in your project, add items to the Map list using a single key. After adding items to list, setListCustomViewData of ListView to List Map (See image below).

7. In LOGIC area of your app add a new event​ ListView: onBindCustomView.

8. In event ListView: onBindCustomView, set the text of TextView in CustomView to the data from list Map.

9. If you want to implement some action on clicking any particular item in CustomView​, use the When view... clicked block available at the place where new variables are added.

10. Save and run the project to see the Custom ListView.

The video below shows how multiple lists can be used in a single Custom ListView.


  1. how to fix java.lang.NullPointerException. i am fetching data from firebase.. at very first use app is working but when i close app and open it again and open listview activity this error appear and says close application?

    please help.

    1. Sir i can not add source directly because i am using letest version of sketchware

    2. Sketchware late version is comeback bring addsource directly

  2. EditText wigit is not working in custom listview. Solution please...

  3. Can i add this
    to save and find my data , if yes then plz let me know how to do .

  4. How to fix that EditText isn't working in Custom ListView:
    Just add per 'add source directly'-Block this code:

  5. How add search function on custom listview?

    1. Search Custom ListView:

  6. And how add file preference on custom listview?

    1. Convert the ListMap to Json String and save that String in file shared preferences.

  7. Escribo diferentes textos que se ingresan a una listview, pero al cerrar y abrir nuevamemte la app la lista esta vacía, pueden ayudarme?.. no se casi nada de programacion

  8. How to add Custom List view In Drawer....

  9. It doesn't have a "customv" option for me to choose, when I press the button "customView", it only came out with "none" selection. I can't create a customv

  10. How to show new items first in a list view from firebase

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I want my app run in the background. Like daily alarm app

  13. Great dear Sanjeev Your page is really helpful.
    I need to make an app that graph and store in diles the numbers received vía Bluetooth. Can You help me with this?
    Hope to get your answer.
    Regards Lino

  14. hi guys ... excuse me i can't find ( In event ListView: onBindCustomView,) can you help me please


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