How to get apk file or source code of your Sketchware App

1. In the list of your projects click on the options symbol next to project for which you want source code or apk file.

2. From the options select Sign/Export. Here if you are not subscribed to Sketchware, you will be required to watch a video Ad. Then it will show a screen with 3 options: Sign APK, Source Data for Sketchware, and Source Code for Android Studio.

3. To export apk click on Sign apk button. It will compile the project and sign the apk, and save the signed apk in /sketchware/signed_apk/ folder.

4. To export source code click on Export Source Code button. It will save the source code of the project in /sketchware/export_src/ folder as a zipped file.

The source code is a zipped file containing all the files and folders of the project, which can be edited and recompiled using other Android IDE softwares like Android Studio.


  1. I cannot see this options now. How do I save apk file to localy test it - how it looks and work!?

  2. Whats The Version of Sketchware

  3. Hey man
    Whats The Version of Sketchware
    Whats The Version of Sketchware
    Whats The Version of Sketchware
    Whats The Version of Sketchware

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