List of Calendar Format symbols valid in Sketchware

The calendar Format block in Sketchware provides a space where we can write the format in which we want the date or time to be displayed. We can use various symbols to construct our own custom date format.

Here is a list of valid symbols along with their use which can be used in Sketchware for formatting the date/calendar.
In all examples the date 12 Jul 2017 17:19:56 has been used.
  • d: date of month without 0 prefix, e.g. 12.
  • dd: date of month in two digits, e.g. 12.
  • M: month in year, e.g. 7.
  • MM: month in year in two digits, e.g. 07.
  • MMM: month name in year displayed as three letter abbreviation, e.g. Jul.
  • MMMM: month in year displayed as full month name, e.g. July.
  • MMMMM: first letter of month name, e.g. J.
  • y : year, e.g. 2017.
  • yy: last two digits of year, e.g. 17.
  • yyyy: year, e.g. 2017.
  • h: hour in day in 12-hour format, e.g. 5.
  • hh: hour in day in two digits, e.g. 05.
  • H: hour in day in 24-hour format, e.g. 17.
  • HH: hour in day 24-hour format in two digits.
  • m: minutes in hour.
  • mm: minutes in hour in two digits.
  • s: seconds in minute.
  • ss: seconds in minute in two digits.
  • S: displays 1/10 of second in second.
  • SS: displays two digit 1/100 of second.
  • SSS: displays milliseconds in second.
  • a: displays AM/PM.
  • G: dispays era, e.g. AD.
  • w: displays week in year.
  • W: displays week in month.
  • D: day in year.
  • F: day of week in month, e.g. 2 for date given above as it is second wednesday in month.
  • E: day name in abbreviation, e.g. Wed.
  • EEE: day name in abbreviation, e.g. Wed.
  • EEEE: full day name, e.g. Wednesday.
  • EEEEE: first letter of day name, e.g. W.
  • k: hour in day, same as H.
  • K: hour in day in 12-hour format, same as h.
  • z: time zone, e.g. GMT+05:30.
  • Z: time zone, e.g. +0530.
  • c: displays day name, same as E.
  • L: month in year. Same as M.
Any text which we wish to include in our calendar format display can be written enclosed in single quotes ('your text').
e.g. E 'today' d will be displayed as Wed today 12.


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