Easiest way to create an App for your website

You can convert your website or mobile site into an app very easily. It doesn't need any programming language or any investment. The only thing you need is an Android mobile and Sketchware App.

Here is a video of how to create an App for your website in Sketchware.

Install Sketchware App in your mobile and start a new project. Write your app name and select an icon for your app.

Now in your project View area drag and drop Scroll(V) and inside that add webview widget. Set width of Scroll(V) to match parent and change padding to 0.

In Logic area of your project, in onCreate event add the WebView loadUrl block and write Url of your site in it.

Now add a new event, namely 'On back button press', in your app Logic area. On in On back button press, use if..else.. block. Add Webview goBack block as shown in image below. It should read, if WebView canGoBack then WebView goBack else Finish Activity.

Now save and Run the project. Your App is ready. You can get .apk file of your app go to project options and click on Send install file(APK). You can send it to your email or if you have ES file explorer you can save it directly to your mobile.


  1. After loading my webpage inside my app..

    when I scroll down a bit (say 10 times) and from there.. click to navigate to another webpage from my initial webpage..
    The new page which is loaded, retains the same extent of scrolling down - done in my previous webpage.

    Is there any way to sort this out?

    1. It should not happen. Don't add Scrollview, and check again.

  2. Nice Blog.....thanks for this.... for more information about how to create an app

  3. how get tv's url if i want make a watching tv streaming online app?

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  5. how to fix my alert is not displayed .

  6. pls tutorial how to ad my ads here i dont see any tutorial about that

  7. Superb, it worked like a charm. I'm impressed

  8. thanks man, the best tutorial ever worked for me,
    million thanks for you bro


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