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Find and Highlight text in ListView

Follow the steps given below to find and highlight text, entered in EditText, in a custom  ListView  in Sketchware. This method makes the use of class Spannable . 1. In VIEW area of your sketchware project, add an EditText and a ListView  (edittext1 and listview1). 2. Add a new  CustomView  custom.xml. In this CustomView add two TextViews (textview1 and textview2). 3. Now in  properties of ListView , select the new CustomView added as it's  customView . 4. In LOGIC area of your app, add a new List Map: maplist1., and a new Map: map1.  Also add a Number variable index and three String variables Name , Number and term . 5. In onCreate event in your project, Create a new Map,  add items to the Map using keys Name and Number (change or increase keys per your need),  and add the Map to the List Map: maplist1. In this way add as many items as desired. In the end use Block  setListCustomViewData  to display the List Map in ListView. (See image