How to write a large paragraph in Sketchware?

Though you can write limited characters in text properties of TextView if you want to write larger paragraphs, or copy multiple paragraphs at once, you can follow any of the methods below:

Method 1: Large paragraphs in a TextView
• Insert a TextView widget in View area of your project.
• Then in Logic area under onCreate event, use the block TextView textview1 setText ......., and in the space for text paste the complete paragraph you want to display.
Watch the video below to understand better.

Method 2Large paragraphs in a WebView
• Convert your text to HTML. An easy way is to copy your complete text in Blogger and then copy it's HTML version.
• Insert a WebView in View area of your project.
• Then in Logic area under onCreate event, use the block WebView webview1 loadUrl......., and in the space for text, write data:text/html, <html>Paste your HTML code here</html>
• Using this method you can write words with different fonts, colors, sizes and styles in the same paragraph.


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  8. I'm getting this error when using set text block (String literal is not properly closed by a double-quote) please help

  9. Following method 1, how do I change my text to lower case? Because each time I set text all the paragraphs appear in upper case.


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