How to create a new screen and link to it in Sketchware

To link to a new screen in your Sketchware App, follow the instructions given below:

1. Click on main.xml at left bottom of screen and click on add symbol to add a new View.

2. Give a name to your new screen (View name).

3. Next add a new Intent component.
 4. Use Intent setScreen and Start Activity blocks in the event when you want to open a new screen.


  1. Following these instructions, I have created a new View. Now I have splashscrn.xml and main.xml available at the bottom of my View panel. I add an Intent called splash. I go to the logic editor for the "on activity create" event. I grab the Intent:SetScreen block. I set the Intent to Splash. BUT... the menu for setScreen only offers MainActivity. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Was very helpful to me...Was struck with that.... Thanks tons..

  3. Very much much much much much nice

  4. Great blog I have ever noticed!..

  5. How can I move to the main after a specific amount of time with the splash screen

    1. In je vieuwscherm een button invoegen.
      Nogmaals nieuw intent maken.
      Zelfde ingave doen bij button als daarnet, alleen bij activity main screen zetten en klaar is kees.

    2. Add a timer component


      After __ Ms
      StartActivity ____

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  9. I want to create an app. In which i ask about users id and password. When the user complete and login all the record is save in database. And after clicking login a new web page is what. What should i do?. (Nont for illegal use). Just for the security of app.

  10. I have a splash screen also. When I click a button set for going to main page it restarts the whole activity of main screen and thus every time when I click the button to go to main screen the splash appears. Please help me .


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