Create a Sketchware app which links to a website and exits on its own

How to create in Sketchware an app which links to a website on clicking it's icon but the App doesn't open itself.

1. Download Sketchware, Open Sketchware App, go to my projects and start a new project.

2. Fill the App settings: package name, project name, App name, version, app icon.

3. Leave View area (main.xml) empty.

4. Go to Logic. Add a new intent component and name it 'web' (or anything else you want).

5. Now click on onCreate event. On activity onCreate add:
Intent web setAction ACTION_VIEW
Intent web setData (URL of website to be opened)
StartActivity web
Finish Activity 

6. Save and Run the App.

7. Your app will exit itself and open in default browser on your device.

8. End of tutorial.


  1. Replies
    1. What kind of books. Do you want to write a book and then create an App which displays it page by page?

    2. This video may help you.

  2. hi, can i create a app through Sketchware which contain just two pages. on page 2 there are only webview. Page 1 contain 3 button for Facebook, Twitter and my blog. Now when click on the buttons, it redirect to the second page and load according to the buttons.
    can I do it by using any logic? Please help me.

    1. Actually it can be done on a single page itself. But if you want to use two pages, then add file(shared preferences) component with same name on both the pages. On button click, set data of the file key to the url. And on next page set webview loadUrl​ to file get data key.

    2. please make a video tutorial relating this and alert me. It is so much needed, without which I can not make a app.

    3. Here is the complete thing you asked for:

  3. why cannot work for (without http)?
    and not work if use IP address?

    1. Yes, you cannot load a url without http:// in webview.

  4. How to make an app that open website in that app only?not with browser

  5. how to fix this?
    thank you
    Webpage not available

    The webpage at intent://;;scheme=https;S.browser_fallback_url=;end; could not be loaded because:


  6. i will wait for your reply pls make blog or reply here the answer

    Question is i want to add my admob here i convert website to Mobile app using sketchware but i dont know how to add the initial ads or banner ads here pls make full tutorial i will wait for you thats my problem i did not see any tutorial about that only "convert website to app" i want to use sketchware beacause it friendly

  7. please please give me ur facebook i need help please! please fast

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  9. How can i get "open with" features for my pdf reader application??

    When i want to open a pdf pdf reader application in not open a pdf using my application.

    Please help me to get the solutions 🙏🙏🙏

  10. How can I design app for admob or startapp.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. How can i create expiring date for my app, I want to create app that will expire in every 6 months, please how can I create it


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