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Scrollable TabLayout in Sketchware

The example provided below shows how to create a simple scrollable TabLayout and add a TabLayout.OnTabSelectedListener to it in Sketchware. 1. In VIEW area of main.xml add a Linear Vertical  linear1  with width and height as match_parent. Inside it add a Linear Horizontal  linear2 . 2. Switch On AppCompat and design. 3. In  onCreate  event, use an add source directly block and put following codes. // Create a TabLayout (tabLayout) tabLayout = new; // Make TabLayout scrollable tabLayout.setTabMode(; // Add Tabs to the TabLayout tabLayout.addTab(tabLayout.newTab().setText("Sunday")); tabLayout.addTab(tabLayout.newTab().setText("Monday")); tabLayout.addTab(tabLayout.newTab().setText("Tuesday")); tabLayout.addTab(tabLayout.newTab().setText("Wednesday")); tabLayout.addTab(tabLayout.newTab().setTe