Convert web page to pdf

 To convert a web page on a WebView to pdf in Sketchware, follow the steps given below.

1. Create a more block extra in your Sketchware project and put following codes in it.


android.print.PrintJob printJob;

@androidx.annotation.RequiresApi(api = Build.VERSION_CODES.LOLLIPOP)

private void PrintTheWebPage(WebView webView) {

android.print.PrintManager printManager = (android.print.PrintManager) this.getSystemService(Context.PRINT_SERVICE);

String jobName = "My_webpage" + webView.getUrl();

android.print.PrintDocumentAdapter printAdapter = webView.createPrintDocumentAdapter(jobName);

assert printManager != null;

printJob = printManager.print(jobName, printAdapter, new android.print.PrintAttributes.Builder().build());



2. In the button click event for saving the webpage as pdf put following codes.



} else { 

showMessage("Not available for device below Android LOLLIPOP");


Here change webview1 to id of your WebView.

3. Done. Save and run the project. For more understanding watch the video below.


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  2. Bro,
    Please post an article about how to convert listview into pdf

  3. Please explain a bit about the first code
    Why is webView ID in the first code but webview1 ​in the second code ?

  4. I am unable to export code and other app assets from sketchware since it was removed from play store. Can you plz guide on how to export so I can compile app code into actual apk. Thanks

  5. Worked for me can I vertically zoom webview so that I dont see webview headers.

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