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Fullscreen button on VideoView

This example shows how to add a fullscreen button on VideoView in Sketchware android project. In the project there will be a button to pick video files and a LinearLayout for the VideoView. On picking the video file, it will play in VideoView and there will be a fullscreen button on the MediaController of the VideoView, clicking on which the video will become fullscreen. 1. In main.xml add a Button button1 , a TextView textview1 , and a LinearLayout linear2 . For linear2 set padding 0, height 300, and gravity CENTER_HORIZONTAL. 2. In View manager set orientation to Both landscape and portrait. 3. Create a FilePicker component picker with mime type video/* . 4. Create a List String list , a String path , and a boolean isFullscreen . 5. Create a More block declare . Put following code in it. } RelativeLayout rl; VideoView videoView; MediaController mc; FrameLayout fm; private int mOriginalSystemUiVisibility; { 6. In onCreate event use add source directly block and put following code i