What is new in Sketchware version 1.4.8?

The latest version of Sketchware is much better than it's previous versions and has several new additions. Here​ is what's new in Sketchware.

1. Bug fixes
Though bugs are fixed in all versions, the latest version has become much faster than earlier.

2. MyHelloWorld tutorial app
This tutorial app is for beginners, who are using Sketchware for first time. It describes things from very basic and everything in detail, so that any newcomer doesn't have any difficulties.

3. New widget: Switch
This widget can be used to choose between any two items or two variables.

4. New widget: Seekbar
This is like a progress bar and it responds to touch. The level of progress can be changed by dragging the thumb to right and left.

5. setBackgroundResource block
This block can be used to set any image as background of any layout component or widget component. Now you can set any image as background of your app.

6. Copytoclipboard block
This component block can be used to add copy functions to your app.


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