How to add .gif image or animation in Sketchware project?

GIF images can be used in Sketchware projects by loading in webview. To load a GIF image or animation in webview follow the steps below.

1. Add a webview in VIEW area of the project, at a location where the GIF image is supposed to appear. Set the layout_width and layout_height of webview to wrap_content.

2. Save and exit the project.

3. Open ES File Explorer, and add the GIF image (suppose it's name is spin.GIF) to folder:
sdcard/.sketchware/resources/sounds/639(specific to project)/
4. Open the resource file of the same project, located at sdcard/.sketchware/data/629(specific to project)/resource, using ES Note Editor.
5. In resource file, under @sounds add name of the GIF image as following code:
6. Save the file, and open the project in Sketchware.

7. In LOGIC area under onCreate event, add the block WebView loadUrl, and write:
8. Save and run the project. The app will display a running GIF image.


  1. If we share this app,will the .gif still appear in the app? Songs too?

  2. When i open the Resource file, (or any other file in the /. Sketchware folder), i can't read it. I've tried UTF-8, UTF-16, and many other encoding options.

    Please, help this NOOB... 😉

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. How to open ftp://sdcard/turn.html, with the help of sketchware from server.

  5. I want to use my app when offline so is there any another way to do???

  6. GoodDay, i need help with this, when i open the resource file. Suddenly i see this words

    �B��gQ�M�p�G�CV��ℹ>R �� � @~zʼ|�����P����䳔�� �҆p2 }m��I(���4�5yY� 0A�_{\`ك6���L�0����,� Xe� �m� `N� ��� n�B��
    ����&i?8�Z� BOH��B�w�y��|�4�K* ز }‚}]� �ߊ� ��� _���7���nV�< 2���w�2��6K��V �c� =�:�v� �4(P LUp�� �9���T�im����x� Ӣ�� ��)͍F2� ��7<�v��"r��w� mA$J`7 �p� ��Ot %o�" ń����_#3� T�~c��b���( W[D���hW 9W � d�7�D"V" �� 0#��s� ��wK[(�M�kz��q_���2K�7/߫k� �]̋p�6?��pc�?��1!� L 4 �u Jy^�zA8K�ԏ�� m�ZH���w�� ���7��S��
    �0�+Ⴀ��� � ��j6k?�!h ��U�Q=�����j]��� �^��O�O���!NЩu
    � J��̝0ʴ
    VĿ �F|�u�� ��&�<:� ������ <�1��Hl(jB��� f�$�!�� tIY� �`̤֎�@6 ֽ�P�
    W��/��۬x �Y�� ����� ��� ��-r�+5у.1�6� ��J/� �G55����j��8���I��t�d (�S�$�B
    �^ &FR�/1D�}�
    Ϡv� �
    t ��[�пv�
    �e�gZD� M`�j��wTi2�jx鲙c=��;~�N+�y ��2� ��� �J�)��<��;
    �:Y� �� K�ȕz��R)�V��C� �� �Ŗ�� � = Z[����5 p�~>� �� ���Cr�X� %���g �g� ��� ��В�pբ���QI�yP�{��0ܻY� &�>莌�/� ������z/͓!J���W�Ƹ�x@�b��w��O\���=K 6 �I(mN |a� ~SH�Y� OSk�-�x�l*�<[� �vO���q!y�4��T\���[ s��D`�� < 4�Wr� w��6|uX;4��Ё�\� �אي ���:�� S�5w��rx}
    �� 1� �k= Iy��HAd&��gsn 9�e� ���T�t��5 �lԥ��p�nb a����qa%�ł���^ 땖�8 ē��� �g� ��'o"�3 �MJk��}H��� Eo o �2�1�R� ��Bg�'pT� +o�'�7��g8 c+�2�n�3mh
    �4����P�Jq�PE�l%qV �9U�M�>7��}l�
    D��Bx�J�񴤠�3Y��u3=� �Sj~��� M%�Z��ix�v�ǵ�A !� i� ���+ ��Pu��� ��J> ��o]��FI ���
    @�?�`�ĩ�A rZ�B�9��vR" �L��"D b�|yc d̓ �QX�G��F��T�&������e�
    �n :yA#35-����W {\1} �[���o-


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